Amha Catering Co

Industrial Catering

c1AMHA caters to various projects and companies covering both private and public sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Expertise and flexibility offers you a well organized, planned and managed Catering Services: from surface planning, storage, camps operations to actual presentation of appetizing foods to your workers. We serve quality meals at affordable prices to our customers of different nationalities.

Housekeeping & Laundry

h1We trained our personnel to deliver high quality housekeeping and laundry services to our clients. They strictly follow our company’s hygiene and sanitary standards and safety procedures to make sure that in the delivery of their services they are not only protected but the customers are well protected from any hazard that a conventional cleaning method might bring.

Manpower Support

m2More and more companies prefer to hire highly qualified personnel locally or from within Saudi Arabia rather than from abroad because of the high cost of visa, recruitment expenditures and other factors that cause unnecessary delays. We offer different categories of manpower support from highly technical personnel or just plain labors. Our package is very much competitive and we guarantee that you will be satisfied by the kind of value added support our staff can give to your company.

Menu Planning

m1Saudi Arabia is a melting pot of different nationalities. In a multi-cultural setting with diverse and wide spectrum of international ethnic culinary preferences, menu planning involves a great deal of extensive research, tests and actual site visits. To make sure that our menus are tailored-fit for our clients’ requirements, we give great considerations and emphasis on the ethnicity, cultural background, religious affinity and some other vital factors that can affect clients’ satisfaction.

It is a two-way process, whereby our chef sits with our clients’ representatives to get their ideas and suggestions as to what type of menus they prefer for each nationality. The combination of their ideas and the expertise of our personnel guarantee that end-products are not only delicious but also compliant to all acceptable standards of the food industries.

Office Hours:

           Saturday - Wednesday            9 AM - 6 PM        (break time 2-4 PM)

           Thursday                                    9 AM - 2 PM                  

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